Реклама над заголовком

Funny and naked people cheerfully greeted their leader

Funny and naked people cheerfully greeted their leader, and a very sad and serious leader smiled and showed big boobs to the photo. It was so unexpected and funny that people, after intense and severe work on themselves, even turned around and happily waved their hands and jumped up and down, laughing all over the street.

Bald and curly girls and guys received a gift from the leader protective masks and balaclavas and laughed with pleasure and clapped their hands in different ways. They were very cheerful and joyful, and they immediately began to show each other their naked bodies, show each other their breasts, while exposing their nipples.

Popuasi unanimously showed long and slender legs, and lesbians showed a long and beautiful pale tongue. In general, the atmosphere reigned the most cheerful and carefree. Even smart and dressed-up guards, specially assigned to the leader, with smiles and a joyful mood, waved to passers-by as a sign of greeting and, just in case, took frequent breaks in their swift and cheerful work of removing clothes from those who behaved very badly and made noise. The leader smiled contentedly and waved back, rejoicing at such a wonderful and warm atmosphere.

So three days passed, and then the director of the circus called and invited the leader to his office for two hours. – What about your mood, father of the nation, are you happy and good, or did I interfere with you? asked the director of the circus company as he entered the leader’s office. Your trained animals are also good, they are cheerful and happy, but how are your boobs??? the director asked with a smile, showing the leader his large, yellow and beautiful body. Everyone is happy and cheerful, only unhappy and sad people are sad and unhappy, the director of the circus farm answered, and the multi-colored clowns are sad, because they laugh only on holidays.

Are you lonely, father? he asked the leader. In response, the leader only laughed and showed everyone his big, beautiful and slightly sad body.

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